Sunday, December 2, 2012

Respecting your writing flow

There's something to be said about respecting the way your creativity comes to you.

I am a night writer. Only, in the wee hours do I feel like my mind is opened enough to begin writing. My professor was a morning writer. He found the beginning hours of the day much easier to create.

Now, during my day, I do keep a journal on me to log in any ideas that may strike.

The point I'm making is that you have to respect the flow of your creativity. Your writing something you can force. You have to deal with it when it comes. Yes, I get it, some of us have deadlines and have to force the work. I am not saying that this cannot work - sometimes we train ourselves to do darn good work under pressure, but you should still understand when the best ideas come.

Structure is always a good way to deal with your writing abilities. It's like a diet. You want your body to respond to what you put in it that is supposed to be good. You want your mind to respond to way you treat it.

Think about that.

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