Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Slowdowns

Yes, it's been days since I've posted up a new blog post. It's been days - weeks, maybe - that I tweeted. It may have been even longer since I posted a new post for facebook.

The root of the problem is the holidays. It has been terribly hard to stay active, to stay productive when there's food to eat, drinks to be drank and gatherings to attend.

Writing requires so much thinking, depending on what stage you are on in the process, and it becomes so hard to stay focus when your physical pressence is needed.

Okay, with the slight holiday rant is over, I guess it's time to get this blog on the way.

Staying Productive may not be in the easiest thing to do. As writers, we may have control over our creative world, but we do not have control over the comings and goings around us. When you have a full work load, and your time for creativity may only come from a small window of  time, your day to day life, and even human reactions and interactions can get in the way.

I applaud anyone who can work in the creative sense and still go to a Christmas party aftwards. I had a huge Thanksgiving. I knew that Christmas would be much smaller for me - in terms of my participation.

I was still a little gung-ho from my progress through the Thanksgiving holiday. I managed to finish my rewrite on The Playmate and start on the final copy once my editor sent it back to me - yes, we were on Superman coattails - during the Thanksgiving.

I just knew that Christmas would provide me the same engergy.

It did not.

The moral of this is not to worry if you aren't getting work done like you hope. This is where I messed up at. I worried myself silly because there were things to do, work that needed to get done and it wasn't happening. I had wanted to take a MENTAL BREAK until the New Year 2013. For the last solid months I have been writing and jumping from one project to the next.

It's safe to say that I am tired.

I do not like not producing work. I know what it feels like to have ideas in your head and go to hammer it out, but nothing comes or gets. I spent a very confused and lonely year like that.

So when I hit a time span of no productive work, I get a little shifty. Writing is apart of life for me. I do it to get a line of fresh air, it's a way to go through life. It's my filter. It's like smoking a cigarette without a filter. The tobacco is way too strong and you will soon be coughing a little too thickly on the tar. A bad scenerio, but hey, for smokers, they may get it.

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