Saturday, December 15, 2012

Simply falling into your words

My editor tells me that I have a way of using camera directions in my writing. Again, I went to school for film and the way I write and layout a story, is in a way that I can see it being shot like a film.

This simple technique - writing in a way that I would see it on a screen or in a movie - has done wonders for my detail. I love to feel like I'm in the story.

I enjoy giving my characters mudane things to do. To me, in a way, it makes the character more human, more real. Like giving your character a moment to sit in a cafe to drink a cup of coffee or read a newspaper. Or even taking an extra moment in a kissing scene to allow your character to savor the taste of another's lips.

It's the little things that make you fall into a story. Yes, action is great. Yes, conflict is wonderful, but every story has conflict and some sort of action. Our minds, as we read, has come to be used to this, so we expect it. In stories that just have action and some sort of drama/conflict, we watch these things from a third point of view.

Give your reader a moment to rest inside the character's shoes. Just like in a movie, you are the main character, you put yourself in their shoes, ride the ride with them. You have to give your reader a chance to sit down with the character, learn the important facts about them, but watch them take a moment in their story. You will be surprised how you will fall into the words.

When you, as the writer, fall into your own story and you see every detail as you type them, then your reader will experience the same.

Just think about that.

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