My Works as an Author

Currently, I have three written works you can get right now if you have a kindle. My three works are apart of a collection called: SO THRILLED
Mark Anderson, a once rising high school quarterback on the brink of greatness, loses it all in one wayward play in the championship game. One year later and Mark's still picking up the pieces of his broken life, but he may be running out of time when a seriel killer breaks out of prison to reek havoac one last time in Ruck's Landing, and threatens Mark's shattered life, and the lives of everyone who once believed in him.
Fall Pryor was a broken man, a man who had already fallen prior to the fateful day where he chases a kid who stole from his mall. His chase of a shoplifter leads him to an underground gang, notorious for their use of children; making them steal, sell drugs, sell their bodies and their souls. It's one soul that the gang has up for barter that Fall Pryor knows very well: his fifteen year old daughter who he hasn't seen in ten years. Not because he chose to be erased out from her life, but because he hadn't known she was alive. Fall Pryor, the broken man, has to trudge through his demons, his horrible, hurtful mistakes and the pain he's eluded and hid from for the last ten years, to be the man his lost daughter needs, or he could lose her again and his life. This is The Chase.
Brynn Smith suffered a traumatic experience when she was nine years old: she met the Playmate, a child’s favorite play friend—a serial rapist and killer of children—and survived. Twenty years later, if Brynn had friends, they would tell you that she had suffered greatly from that night. That the person who is Brynn Smith is nothing but a shell of a person, a shadow of the girl who met and fought with a child’s version of the boogeyman. But if Brynn had the chance to explain it, she’d say she’s not suffering; she’s waiting. Her twenty years in repose have been nothing but a training session. She feels him coming close, wanting to try for her one more time, and she’s ready. And she refuses to be disappointed. The Playmate may be children’s favorite play friend, but Brynn Smith is the Playmate’s favorite enemy—it’s an inevitable play date.
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