Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Social Media Vs. A Self Published Author


These are just a few - mind, the biggest that I've seen so far - that a self published author needs to conquer in order to get their name out, and people reading their books.

Just four little websites, four little pathways, to get out there, but they aren't little. These engines are huge. You have to meet people, talk to them, plug your work and get more people coming in than you are putting yourself out there.

Social Media can be terrifying to someone who just want to write a good story and hand it off, and everyone line up and read it. No, not in today's time. In today's time you have to be just as talented in the Social Media circus as you are on paper with a great story.

Reality is a bitter pill. The pill that I'm going to shove in your palm with this post is that eventhough you are the best at being a writer, if you can't master Social Media than it means nothing. It's a tough spill, but it's the odds. I don't even want to do the 2012 numbers on just how many people have thrust themselves out there and became self pubished authors. Half the time, these authors aren't worth much on paper, and, yes, it sounds bad to say this but it's true.

You have hundred of musicians. Or, let's be a little more specific, rappers. There are some rappers out there who will never get the big break because they didn't know how to get out there, and there are someone who get out there, make it and they aren't as half as good as the one who didn't.

Success is never truly all about talent. It takes some luck, some getting out there, getting your project to the right folks.

I do encourage doing the work, and busting your tail to know you're stuff. You have to push yourself to be the best writer you can be. Learn the ropes, build that foundation because if your turn comes for you to get out there, you want to be ready.

Social Media is a beast, but it's a fight that you have to go into if you want your work out there in the world.

Think about that.

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