Monday, October 29, 2012

Breaking up with your writing

I have finished the last story - which is now a novel - The Playmate.

And, I'm in remorse over the break up. Yes, you read it, I've broken up with The Playmate, and my upcoming novel Rogue.

It's not a forever break, but I've been through Rogue, a story about a man, Tristan Rogue, who is in way over his head when he falls in love with his mistress' daughter, and tries to battle through his own lies, sex and deciet in family of the Rogue - a powerful crime family who take their codes seriously and would kill Tristan for the sins he's committed.

I've been through Rogue three times, as far as, a re-write - making sure it's perfect. And, my novel and I need a break.

As a writer, you will never be completely in tune with your final project, and you can so easily over re-write and analyze it to death.

Killing a story by butchering it is terrible. So, I've taken two weeks to get a way from the world and take a moment, before I pull the story back up and finish it off so it can be put out there in the Self Published world.

As far as, the Playmate, well, I didn't need a break, but I took one. I love the story and there are so many ways to make it better. So, pacing myself before I start DELETING and rewriting.

The Playmate, Brynn Coolgate, the sole survivor from the biggest child killer and rapists, prepares herself for a battle that she knows is coming. The Playmate, hasn't forgotten about her, and eventhough she's twenty-years older, he still ones the friend that got away.

Well, that's all for now. I've been bored and scared to death that I've been actually sleeping nights instead of writing, re-writing.

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