Monday, November 19, 2012

The truth to ourselves...

Today, I really ask the question: will one day my ambition kill me?

These last few weeks have been such a trek - still not over - and I have felt so alive, complete and grounded as I pushed myself to finish these two novels, but in the same instance I feel more drained and withdrawn than I've ever felt.

I believe a true story teller has to become apart of their work, but to do that comes with a cost.

My characters are haunting me like ghost from spirits that I've wronged. When I'm writing, I feel their emotions, and since I like to get deep in my stories and push my characters, I've been going through the ringer right along with them.

Like I stated, I truly believe that this what it requires to really get into you story and make it the best it can be. If you don't feel it, if you're not in it when you're creating the words, then how can you expect for someone - a reader - to feel the same? How do you expect for your readers to become apart of you story if you're not in it?

The answer is that they won't fall into it like you would want them.

There is a difference between a reader liking what you've wrote and loving what you wrote. And in order for someone to love what you wrote then you have to put your soul into your words. You have to give it everything you got. If this is your passion, if writing is your dreams then you have give passion into your passion.

That's the way the world works, that's how it operates. You get what you pay for and you get out of what you put into it.

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