Saturday, November 10, 2012

Writing up a storm, now losing steam on the re write

Yes, I have talked about them, plugged them on my later blog posts.

I am currently done with my two newest novels: Rogue and the Playmate and I'm working on the final re writes.

Yet, there's a problem. I've been around the story so much, from beginning to end, backwards and forward over and over again and now I'm just tired of putting in those finer details. I have approached these novels in the text book way - I two a two week breakup, and after the break up, I have started working on the novels once more, but my work ethic is shot.

I miss the writing process so much right now. I miss typing and delving in the story, but re writing and reading over what you done is a different creative process.

So, when you're a writer, a story teller, and you've just about had it with a particular book, what do you do to hit the finish line when you start to slow down?

I've succumbed to these exercises: reading over books, listening to music, clearing my head before I write.

You have to keep a clear head, you have to gain patience with your work. Your work is like your child and it needs the nurishment. Sure, the child is more like a teenager that's a hop and skip away from graduating and getting out of your house, but those final stages of your works need the most tending to.

I don't like it, but I know what it felt like to not be writing. I will pick being frustrated with my almost finished work then being frustrated with myself because I have no works in the process of being done.

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