Saturday, November 24, 2012

Novel writing vs. Script Writing

What I have here is script writing and novel writing. The same story, virtually the same dialogue, but this is to show how different they are.

I am a script writer, have wanted to be for over ten years, but before you sell an idea for hundred of thousands, it helps to build a name as a story teller. This is why I moved over to novel writing. You should think of learning different paths too.


The automated door GRINDS back and JOHN DOE rushes through the thick lobby with his cell phone in his ear.

                                                       (on the phone)
                                                No. I heard you the first time.
                                                This promotion is everything. My wife just maxed out
                                                 our account. There is no going back if I don't make more.

John notices a BLONDE RECEPTIONIST blinking furiously with a sexy, inticing smile.

John freezes, a dreamy smile over his face. His hands stuffs his phone in his pocket as the Blonde Receptionist blows a kiss. GULP!

Through John's pants pocket, the fabric glows as phone begins its SHRILL RING.

                                                    Yes... I mean, no, sorry about that. Something
                                                     came up.

John glances back at Blonde Receptionist, but she's busy making google eyes at another man.

Defeated, John trudges his way to the elavator as piles of people file out. He's bumped and shoved out of the way.

ON JOHN'S pitiful, sad face as the door slides closed.

Okay, now let's try the novel writing way.

John Doe has had a terrible day. He waits, his phone to his ear, as the door automated grind open for him. Harry is on the phone, screaming, demanding things of him that he just can't give, but John knows he has to plead his case of how desperate he is.

"No," said John, "I heard you the first time."

"Oh, I  thought I would have to spell it out for you, Doe!"

John and Harry aren't friends, but John is forced to play the winkling.

"The promotion is everything. My wife has maxed out our account." John bites his lip as he sees a beautiful, knock out blonde woman smiling at him from the reception desk. "There is no going back if I don't make more."

The blonde hasn't looked away yet and John can't help the tightening in his chest. Harry is screaming at him, belittling him, but he's shut it out. He's barely aware of himself ending the call and shoving the phone back in his pocket. He knows he's going to cross the lobby and try to ask for her number. Yes, sure, he's married but he doesn't think that he would be cheating by getting another woman - other than his wife - to smile at him.

There's nothing wrong with taking chances, or, more or less, seeing if you're still a catch at age forty-two.

The phone vibrates in his pocket again, and John knows that he's just hung up on the only person who maybe swing the promotion in his favor.

He tests another smile at the blonde before putting the phone back to his ear.

Before he can even open his mouth, Harry hits him with, "I'm going on Mark, with this."

John's heart is in his throat. He glances at the blonde and she's no longer making eye contact. Well, at least not with him. Twice, in the matter of moments, he has been passed over. Trudgingly, and trying not to cry, he smashes the button on the elevator, and can barely stay on his feet as he is shoved and pushed as a pile of folks rush out from the elevator.

"John, you're smart but I need a ball buster," Harry is saying.

John feels the first start up of tears as the door grind closed.

Novel Writing and Script writing is so much different. You have to think in a different way - see the story in a different way.

All authors should learn a different form of telling a story. It will benefit you and push you.

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