Friday, October 19, 2012


In the last post, I touched on Writer's block, and gave it a new name: Story Snags.

I was currently writing a short story to complete the So Thrilled collection, currently on under KaNeshia Michelle.

The last story, that is more now of a novel, the Playmate has been a challenging piece of work by far for the end of 2012.

When times are up, I'm knee deep in the story to my elbows and smiling all the way. When the story is getting good, and the writing is matching up, then everything is right with the world and it is really easy to smile and talk to strangers on the street.

But when the writing is bad, and it feels like a pile of quicksand, and no amount of hard work seems to find a good foot hold on the bad ground then you're most likely prone to sucker punch the first person that says 'hi' to you in a manner you don't like.

That why you have to answer the calling of the DELETE BUTTON.

For some writers, this is like the worse thing you could ever do. It could take years to crank out ten pages for some writers and getting rid of the work is like a bad omen. But, I have a solution.

Thanks to my Professor.

I use a DEVELOPMENT log to place my deleted prose. A few lines may not work, but that doesn't mean it's best to scrub the words off the face of the earth. Sometimes its best to copy and paste the bad stuff into a log. That way you know you'll always have it, and it's like a word bank, just in case a part didn't work in one place and yet it works in another place.

Bad passages in a story can ruin the story and lead you to a WRITER'S STORY SNAG. It's a frustrating time for a writer. Believe me, I know. That's why you have to exercise reading through your words and searching out the hiccups, and, on top of that, don't be afraid to delete it - but put the deleted words into a seperate file just in case you need it.

Writing is fun and easy, but we all need tricks to get through the rough patches.

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