Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Your mind and writing

I have come to learn that your mental stability is extremely fragile when you're a writer.

My job is mostly physical, but I have moved to a different department where I have more of a mental strain. And, it interrupts my writing when I get home.

Setting a time aside when you do nothing but write is a great idea, but in order for that to work and your time that you are writing to be effective, you have to keep a clear mind. Stress - mental stress - can have you blocked, completely unable to be effective in your works.

So there are exercises that I do to keep my mind clear throughout my day. I read, listen to music and try to pull a little time aside during my shift to write a little. It's important.

My college professor says that he doesn't believe in writer's block, but i have to say I do. It isn't writer's block, but STORY SNAGS...

One line can throw off your entire novel. And, if you're a writer like me, you tend to fall in love with your work and find it incrediably hard to get out of the block.

Clear mind, remember that. Read through your works and do not be afraid to delete. A delete button can be truly imposing. You can get rid of one line or an entire page or even more. Sometimes you have to do that. You have to get rid of that snag in order to iron out the problems.

Focus is the key and it's so hard in today's world. We may have jobs, kids, parents, just plain whole life that pulls us in different directions. Center yourself, pull that time you need to clear your mind, ease the dress, do exercises where you can calm down and stay in control.

Writing depends on your mental stability. Five minutes of pulling yourself together makes a difference.

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