Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back swimming against the current...

If you push a teacher into a classroom filled with students. What do you think that teacher will do?

He'll teach...

If you allow a quarterback into a huddle in the middle of the game, with all the fans screaming and roaring. What do you think will happen?

He'll grab the ball and play the game...

If you allow a comedian to walk on stage in front of an audience, what do you think will happen?

Well, he'll tell a joke.

The Moral of all this is, when you, a writer, sit down to a computer screen, you'll most likely start writing.

I have started another book. With it still in the beginning stages, I will reframe from revealing the name. The story still needs to take shape and the characters are still way undeveloped. Long story short, the book isn't alive and well just yet for me to talk about it.

I needed a break from writing. I needed a break from the deadlines, the pressure, the need to finish another project and release it. Sure, to be a known writer you have to write, but I want to be a good writer, I want to have good stories. Rushing a story, may be a sore spot for certain writers, especially an Indie Author.

You don't have an agent or a publishing company telling you when to release a book, or when they are ready to release your work. No, as an Indie Author, that is all up to you.

I will be the first to admit that I do not have a patient bone in my body, so when a book is done, I want it out into the world. Patients is the key. It can help and it can hurt.

It takes time, but every Indie Writer has to develop a sense to know when the work is done on a project and when it needs more time.

To start another book now has been hard for me. I want to be done with it. I have released 4 projects in the span of five months or maybe even faster. Of course, I'm already caculating in my head when I'll be able to release another project.

I needed a break from writing, a chance to get my mind together. But, as a writer, you can't stay away from the calling of a story for too long. When you've had several projects out that have been very good, and came out the way you wanted it to come out, it gets increasingly hard not to have a little fear that you may not reach that flow like you once did.

That maybe you've reached the peak with your writing. It's a fear, trust me. You would be appalled by the simple things we fear and why we fear it when it comes to our passion.

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