Saturday, March 30, 2013

We Fail because we have to

My best friend has hit a hard time; life isn't panning out the way he wants it to.

As friends, we have to be careful how we give advice. We have to prepared for our friends not to listen to us, and we have to be prepared for them to pick up on every word we say.

Either way, you tread carefully, and be careful with your words. You can change someone's life by what you say, and it may not be in a good light.

I talked about my own transgressions. I used my experiences with life as a focus point - to me this always helps - its good to know that you're not the only one who has crap in your world and you don't have a big enough cloth to clean it.

I know from stories, HEROS, are the biggest misconceptions. Yes, they are strong. Yes, they save the world. Yes, they have a power, a gift, and/or a curse that they have to decide to use for the greater good.

HEROS have the biggest fears. Out of all their strength, they are most afraid. My friend explained that he looked up to me. I explained that he shouldn't because he only saw my life from the outside. I may have things together from the outside, but my accomplishments to him may not be mine.

I am an ambitious person. I love to achieve and grasp and conquer my goals. Still, I'm afraid. I'm afraid of not reaching my goals, and I'm afraid to fail.

Failing isn't a bad thing; we need to do it. We have to remember that we are human, and we can be touched and scarred. It also makes our achievements much more sweeter and we will cherish what we do for ourselves.

If you are at the starting point of your writing career, which I am. You will not be able to see the big picture. You are only working towards a dream, an ghost of yourself successful. Fear is a friend we can't turn away.

We get out there in the world and we crash and burn. It's apart of life, it's apart of success, it's apart of living. In failing, we learn how to succeed. I explained that he has to believe that he can do this, that he can be happy.

He has to find comfort in the small wins - achieving small goals. It's like climbing a mountain. You can't keep looking up; you have to take one step, after one step and you'll be to the top.

Sooner or later, you will reach the top. 

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